Metodi Belchovski’s presentation at the MDSF Alumni Meeting

The Alumni meeting with the Macedonian Society of Physics Students (MDSF) was held virtually on Saturday 03 April 2021. The event was supported by the European Physics Society (EPS). There were 8 presenters, most of them PhD students in Paris, Leibnitz, Marseille, Geneva and Manchester. Around 40 participants attended the event. A short report of the meeting has been done in Macedonian HERE

Metodi Belchovski, 2nd intake EMIMEO student, from North Macedonia, had the opportunity to present EMIMEO and said « I’m glad that I had the chance to present the EMIMEO master program at the Alumni Meeting of MDSF. Not a lot of physics students decide to go into engineering after their bachelor, and I want to encourage them to do so.

I was interested in finding a program that focuses on applied physics. Since I wasn’t sure if I want to do a PhD, it was really good that I found a master program that allows me to work in a big industry such as telecommunication. And it an exciting field to be honest. Seeing how light travels in a glass fiber thinner than our hair, and using that same light to transmit information is a big achievement. But there is still a place for improvement, and a lot of research is focused on improving the performances of the networks that we use to communicate. This is why I Iike the balance between theory and application that the EMIMEO master gives to us.
This is only a small part of the advantages of joining an Erasmus Mundus Masters program. The social aspect is also amazing. Having the opportunity to travel to different countries and study is really important for a young person. So these are also important considerations when choosing a master program.
I hope that I provided a little inside on how to choose a master program. I’m happy that around 40 students attended the Alumni Meeting. It was nice seeing some friends and talking a bit about what I study.
Thanks MDSF for organizing the Alumni Meeting.

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