Guest Lecturers

The guest lecturers are involved in all EMIMEO’s intakes

A minimum of 4 scholars and guest lecturers per intake, will give seminars on the courses offered across the four partners covering about 8 weeks. The guest lecture series will be in support of the S1-S2 programme, by linking directly the basic concepts to industrial or research applications. Students will then learn the important consequences and outcomes brought by today’s major finding and directly related to the programme proposed in S1-S2. The guest lecture series will also support the S3-S4 programme students will be also allowed to attend these events in real-time streaming (webinars) so to follow the same events when they will be located in the different geographical sites.

The involvement of scholar and guest lecturers will take part in the  R&I week but will play a relevant role all along with the master programme.

The guest lecturers as an added-value for the students

Scholar and Guest lecturers will bring with them new and original expertise about analogue electronics and photonics that complements the expertise already available in the Consortium. Their research‘s approach, knowledge about the links between research and professional activities, and networks will be illuminating for students and staff alike. The scholars will be selected from a range of scientist-practitioners who we consider exemplary for EMIMEO.

The guest lecturers as an asset to enhance the collaboration between partner’s institutions

The guest lecturers will be recruited from associated partners with whom the Consortium has already established links but will be also selected from those professionals who have the necessary expertise and the teaching and research capabilities. A selected board of teachers of the consortium will be in charge of selecting the candidatures of guests and scholars.  In addition, we aim to invite at least one visiting scholar per semester, to be involved in on-going research, lectures, seminars, student group activities, and so forth.

Find out how to apply

The applicants can apply by filling out the Application Form. Then, all the requested files should be sent to

Once Secretariat receives the completed application form, the sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.