Research and Industrial Week

Research and Industrial Week

The Research and Industrial (R&I) week

A Research and Industrial (R&I) week will be organised for each student cohort by the associated partner UCTN, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

One of the biggest ICT centre in Romania

At present days Cluj is rivalling Bucharest to become the largest ICT centre in Romania. There are more than 300 companies that are active in this field (including Nokia, with a factory and a research centre), besides several research centres that benefit from the size of the city and the proximity with a local University. The local ecosystem is very suitable for the development and manufacture of innovative technologies,  services and products.

Cluj has a wealth of resources that enable the growth of this location: growing and educated labour pool, multicultural and multilingual community, a well established academic research and development centre for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines and renewing infrastructure. Cluj-Napoca is a historical core of the Transylvania region’s economic and cultural development.

Entrepreneurship as a driving force

The R&I week will focus on entrepreneurship, to prepare students to their next steps in career after the end of the Masters. We will aim to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and develop innovative activities that will help students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and put their knowledge into practice.

Guest lecturers as an added-value

One month prior to the event, a guest lecturer, recruited from associated partners, will propose a topic related to a current issue relevant to the activities of the lecturer’s institution. The students, organised in small groups, will conduct literature review until the R&I week’s start. Then, during the week, the lecturer will work with the students on the topic.