Brescia, Italy

Brescia, Italy

A Historic City Close to lakes & Mountains 

Italy boasts more World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. Brescia and its region will offer you beautiful tangible & intangible heritage sites, protected areas between the parks, lakes, and rivers. An active trip in Lombardy is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a little digital detox while exploring the countless trails, bike paths, and mountain views. Lombardy with its grand lakes and numerous small basins offers a unique mix of charms to lovers of lake tourism as well.

An Attractive Region

Lombardy is the first region in Italy for the number of foreign investment projects and capitals it attracts. The region host more than 11.4 million of foreign tourists every year & more than 1.00 million of foreign national.

Lombardy leads the way in development: 6 science and technology parks, 182 innovative businesses, 11 CNR (National Research Council) Institutes and 267 in-house research institutes. 31% of Italian patents recognised by the EU are registered in Lombardy.

An Economic Region 

The city is at the centre of the second richest region in Italy (GDP per capita). The economic system of Lombardy is strongly oriented towards export and it is one with the highest rates of entrepreneurship in Europe. In 2012, more than 99% were small and medium-sized enterprises in the main following sectors are: mechanical, electronics, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, publishing, footwear and furniture.